iOS 14: All Features, Release date, beta, compatible iPhones and more
iOS 14: All Features, Release date, beta, compatible iPhones and more

Apple has launched a new operating system “iOS 14”. It comes with a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever. There are a lot of new features that help to get what we need in the moment. And the apps we have used all the time become even more intelligent, more personal, and more private.

iOS 14 has more features compared then its previous operating system with ability to do more with iPhone than ever before. So iOS 14 reimagines the most iconic parts of the experience to be even more helpful and personal.

Widgets which are redesigne to give us more information at a glance — and now we can add them to our Home Screen with different sizes and arrange according to our choice. We can also add a Smart Stack of widgets intelligently curated based on the apps we use most, and the right widget will show up automatically at the right time in our day.

A new feature “App Library” automatically organizes all apps into one simple, easy-to-navigate view. Apps are sorted by category and the most used apps are always just one tap away. iOS 14 have a new feature where we can keep watching videos or continue with FaceTime calls while using another app. All calls from iPhone, FaceTime, and third-party apps display in all-new compact design that doesn’t take up the full screen.

iOS 14 has the ability to stay connected to the conversations that matter most, keep track of group conversations, and express what they like. Now we can pin up to 9 of our most important conversations to the top of our conversation list so we can easily get to them. We can set a group photo or Memoji, or choose an emoji which gives our group conversation a visual identity.

We can add names to direct a message to someone. When we have mentioned someone, a name is highlighted. We can even customize an active group so we can only receive notifications when we have mentioned on that messages. IOS 14 comes up with a cool feature that we can reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. We can also view replies in the full conversation or as their own thread for a more focused view. There are new age options and face coverings, choose from over 20 new hair and headwear styles to reflect our hobby, profession, and personality.

Maps are the best way to navigate and explore the world, all while protecting our privacy. With Maps in iOS 14, it’s easier than ever to discover new places to go and environmentally friendly ways to get there.

We can now use Maps to get cycling directions using bike lanes, paths, and roads. We can also see elevation, busy streets, stairs, and steep passages when planning our trip. New Apple Maps editors have worked with trusted brands and partners to offer Guides for great places around the world to eat, shop, and explore. Now we can save Guides, and they will be automatically updated when new places are added.

Conversations across languages should feel natural and easy, and should have the ability to remain private. IOS 14 have Introduced the all-new Translate app, designed for conversations across 11 different languages.

With Translate, conversations are easy by design. Just turn the iPhone to landscape and tap the single microphone button to say something. Enable a fully offline experience for Translate. Use all the app features for downloaded languages and keep translations private without needing to turn off the phone’s internet connection.

Save translations in the Favorites tab for access later. We can also view our recent history and save as we translated. Enlarge translated text in landscape view, making it easier to read and more effective at getting someone’s attention.

Siri is a vital way to get information and get things done. And iOS 14 have introduced a new compact design, so users can take advantage of everything Siri can do without losing their context.

Siri has a completely new look that lets users quickly get information or get things done while still focusing on what they are doing. Siri can now help to find answers to a broader set of questions by using information from across the web.

The Home app helps a user to manage home more intelligently and more securely. And now it’s even easier to take advantage of the broad selection of HomeKit accessories.

When a user adds a new HomeKit accessory, the Home app suggests useful automations so they can put it right to work. A new visual status in the Home app prioritizes the accessories that most need user attention and allows a user to easily control them.

Define Activity Zones that focus on the most important areas of what a camera sees, so users can be alerted only when there’s motion in the zone they have set. Video cameras and doorbells can now identify people users have tagged in the Photos app.

Browsing the web should feel fast, powerful, and private. So with iOS 14, Safari is more responsive and capable than ever, while giving users new ways to help protect their privacy.

Safari can now translate websites in seven different languages. Safari also warns users if a password they are using is not secure. Now users can tap the Privacy Report button to better understand how websites treat our privacy.

CarPlay has transformed the relationship between the user’s iPhone and a car. Now it has the ability to unlock and start a car. Sharing keys with friends or family is easy. Users can customize controls and create restricted profiles, perfect for new drivers with ability to revoke and share keys temporarily. CarPlay also supports new app types — parking, electric vehicle charging, and quick food ordering.

ios 14 CarPlay
ios 14 CarPlay

With iOS 14, AirPods deliver a magical listening experience. They have a few new tricks, whether the user is listening to music, catching up on a podcast, or taking in a movie.

Bring surround sound quality. New battery notifications conveniently let user know when they need to charge their AirPods. Seamlessly move between devices without manually switching on their AirPods. If a user finishes a phone call on their iPhone and pick up their iPad to watch a movie, AirPods automatically switch over.

User can adjust their AirPods audio to account for hearing differences. Headphone Accommodations amplifies soft sounds and can tune for our individual hearing, to help music, phone calls, and more sound crisp and clear.

App Clips
Apps from the App Store have changed the way we do just about everything. IOS 14 have introduced a faster way to take advantage of them with App Clips. A small part of an app, an App Clip is discoverable the moment when user need it and is focused on a specific task.

App Clips are easy to discover and use right in the moments when user need them. they are in small size, loads in seconds and launches quickly. Log in quickly with apps that use Sign in with Apple, then make transactions safely and instantly with apps that use Apple Pay.

Privacy is a most important part of iOS 14, Now user will have more control over the data that they share and more transparency into how it’s used.

More details are given on the App Store to help users to understand the privacy practices of every app before they have download it. An indicator appears at the top of the screen whenever an app is use a microphone or a camera. And in Control Center, they can see if an app has used them recently.

Now user can easily switch to Sign in with Apple when logging in to participating apps. Also user can share only their approximate location rather than their exact location.

Compatible Devices:-

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

iOS 14 Release date

Apple set an initial date to release of iOS 14 is 16 September 2020. General availability of this OS will be later in 2020 for all compatible devices.

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