amazon luna games

Amazon Luna: A Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon Luna, An Amazon's cloud gaming service where users can easily play great games on devices that they already have. There are no waiting for lengthy downloads or updates....
Magic and Amazing Computer Tricks

Magic and Amazing Computer Tricks

Here is the list of some magic computer tricks that everyone should try. These are cool and funny tricks that turn your system into magic state. You can try...
Programming Funny Jokes - Programmers Life Fun

Programming Funny Jokes – Programmers Life

Here are some funny jokes dedicated to all programmers. A Programmers can better understand them. These are showcase of a programmer’s sense of humor. Programming...
Display custom text while startup of Windows

Display Custom Text on boot screen of Windows

If you would like to display any custom text message in a popup window when Windows is started, here's how: 1 : Go to Start ->...
Access Your Folders as Drives in Windows

Access Your Folder as Drives in Windows

You can make your favorite folder to show as a separate drive as a part of system hard disk. 1. Start -> Run.