Iphone Apps
Iphone Apps

Everybody loves to use iOS devices but not everyone is capable of buying Apple devices and also people think that they are overpriced. There may be a lot of times where people want to run their mobile applications on PCs. We’ve earlier seen that how to Run Android Games and Applications on PC. And today, let us look at how we can run iPhone apps and games on PC

We will use iOS emulator called iPadian to run iOS apps and games on PC. iPadian Emulator can run all your favorite iOS apps and games on PC. Although it is freely available, it has got lots of impressive features. When you open iPadian emulator, your screen gets converted into iPad’s home screen.

We will first download emulator and install it on pc. After that we will see how to use iPadian to play iOS apps and games on PC. Just follow below given steps and turn your windows computer into iOS device.

Install iPadian – iOS Emulator on PC.

  1. Download iPadian – iOS Emulator from here and Install it on your computer. Make sure you choose proper configuration and settings to install it.
  2. After you install iPadian completely on your computer, open it and it will run in full screen mode. You will see an iOS device interface and you will see all useful apps like Safari browser, calculator, Mail, Music, Photos and even App Store.

Run iOS Apps and Games on iPadian – iOS Emulator.

  1. Once you’ve installed the iPadian software on your PC, go ahead and run the application. If you want to open any app than just click on it and it will start running. To close any opened app just click on close(x) button on right top corner.
  2. Now you can install apps and games using App Store on windows computer. To install any apps and games open App Store by clicking on it.
  3. Now App Store will be opened and you will see all available apps. You will find there all the apps and games available on Apple App Store. Click on the app which you found out to be cool and it will be downloaded into iPadian.
  4. To run that downloaded app go to iPadian home screen and you will see their icon of your downloaded apps. Simple click on it and you will be able to play downloaded iOS games on pc using iPadian emulator.

Note: Not only the iOS apps, you can also access your Computer files, documents and the Desktop directly from the dock itself. That’s it you don’t need to have an iPhone to run iOS apps as you can run any iPhone app or game directly on your desktop computer.


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